QUANTITATIVE kinetic characterisation

Dou you need a comprehensive kinetic characterisation of your antibodies? Our BIA Antibody Service is able to accurately characterize binding kinetics and affinities of your antibodies by SPR, the gold standard of label-free interaction analysis.



A quantitative analysis includes a detailed kinetic characterisation of antigen - antibody interaction with an exact determination of binding affinity and kinetic rate constants.

Our quantitative antibody service includes either the fast STANDARD antibody characterisation or a detailed, more individual PREMIUM analysis of the binding event.




  • coupling of the antibody to a specific biosensor capture surface
  • analysis of the antibody/antigen interaction by a complete dilution series of the antigen
  • regeneration of the capture surface after each interaction and new coupling of antibody
  • standard analysis conditions (5 min association and dissociation time, standard buffer)
  • evaluation based on a 1:1 Langmuir model
  • basic report including calculation of affinities (KD-value) and rate constants for association (kass) and dissociation (kdiss) with figures of the dilution series

Our individual PREMIUM ANTIBODY service includes:

  • additionally an optimisation of the experimental conditions (avoidance of unspecific binding, variation of buffer composition, individually adapted association and dissociation times as well as customized dilution series of the antigen)
  • extended data evaluation (determination of kinetic constants KD-value, kass and kdiss by usage of different kinetic models
  • detailed report including figures and data tables as well as a short discussion of the experimental method optimisation and the applied kinetic models
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