High quality bioanalytical service in biomolecular interaction analysis

Biaffin's expertise in interaction analysis using SPR Biacore biosensors

A functional description of biomolecules has to extend beyond a solely statical description of the protein content within a cell. Since biomolecules are involved in dynamic equilibria, a detailed kinetic description of interaction patterns needs to be added.

Biaffin is specialising in Biomolecular Interaction Analysis (BIA) and the application of BIA technology for our customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic industry. Our team has acquired  long experience and expert knowledge in the application of biosensors based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR). We have a number of modern SPR sensors suitable for various applications available in our lab (5x Biacore T200) ensuring a fast analysis tailored to your special needs. 

We offer customized SPR services in biomolecular interaction analysis and provide detailed results on binding kinetics of your samples supporting your specific research project.


  • Does my target protein specifically interact with another biomolecule?
  • What are the kinetic parameters (affinity, rate constants for association and dissociation) for this interaction?
  • How do cofactors, metal ions and other molecules influence affinities or binding kinetics?
  • Where is the binding site located and which amino acids are directly involved in protein binding?
  • What are the kinetic characteristics of my lead compound specifically interacting with the target protein of interest?
  • Are there any cross-reactivities with secondary targets?
  • What are the binding properties of my antibody with a specific antigen?
  • How do transcription factors interact with specific DNA sequences?
  • Which thermodynamic parameters influence a binding event?


We will be glad to discuss details of intended interaction studies with you and develop experimental strategies tailored to achieve your aims. Please get in contact with one of our application specialists for more information or a detailed discussion.

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