BIACORE T200 SPR Biosensors

Precise binding kinetics of low molecular weight compounds and thermodynamic data

Using Biacore T200 SPR biosensors collection of high-resolution kinetic data at a range of temperatures (4oC to 45oC) is possible, enabling you to gain most precise information about the interaction as well as thermodynamic properties underlying association and dissociation rates.
The optimized flow cell system is build of two pairs of flow cells each connected within the same plane forming “U”-shaped flow paths. Thus, a shortened distance between the reaction and the reference surface is achieved, allowing accurate referencing and enhanced sensitivity.

Kinetic rate constants ranging from 102 -> 107 M-1s-1 (ka) and 10-6 –> 0.5 s-1 (kd) can be determined precisely and reproducibly. The system can be applied for a multitude of applications characterizing the interactions of low MW candidates > 100 Da up to high molecular weight proteins, antibodies, DNA, RNA, polysaccharides, lipids cells and viruses in various sample environments and matrices. 

The assay design is very flexible including buffer scouting (four different buffers per run), single-cycle kinetics (no regeneration between sample injections) and HTS analyses in 96- and 384 well format. Equilibrium as well as transition thermodynamic analysis provides additional information about the reaction mechanism and concentration measurements without the need of standard (CFCA) extends the assay spectrum of this Biacore system.

Biaffin has five Biacore T200 SPR biosensor instruments available in the lab for various applications in the development of therapeutic antibodies, biosimilars, biologics and small molecules. 

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