BIA technology for target validation

Do you want to specify the efficieny of your newly identified candidate molecule ?
Biacore systems provide detailed binding kinetics data of drug candidate-target interaction.

Genomics and proteomics based techniques have provided a lot of new potential targets which has to be validated to prove that a DNA, RNA or protein is directly involved in a disease process and is therefore a suitable target for the development of new therapeutic compounds.
The assessment of biological function, involvement in biological pathways and role in pathogenesis of potential targets can be achieved by mapping and validation of protein interaction networks in vivo and in vitro.

Yeast two hybrid and phage display are classical approaches for systematic protein interaction screening capable to probe millions of interactions. Positives obtained from these screening technologies can be validated using BIA technology.


Furthermore, additional parameters relevant for the interaction of interest can be investigated. This could be complex interactions with multiple components, effects of cofactors or the role of posttranslational modifications like phosphorylation, glycosylation or myristylation.


Our service:

  • qualitatively screening of relevant therapeutic drug candidates
  • detailed binding kinetics of the drug candidate-target interaction

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