Do you have a number of antibodies directed against the same antigen?
We perform a qualitative ranking for you to identify the most promising candidate.

Selection of the right hybridoma supernatants that contain high affinity antibodies displaying slow off-rates is a critical step in antibody development. Real-time monitoring of binding kinetics by SPR facilitates the selection process, since dissociation rates and complex stability can rapidly be assessed.

Our qualitative antibody service for off-rate ranking includes specific coupling of your antibodies to a sensor surface (using a specific capture system) and ranking of antibodies by monitoring binding kinetics of your target antigen to the antibodies and comparison of binding signals and complex stability. The experimental parameters for each interaction can be tailored to your specific requirements regarding number of concentrations tested, number of replicates, stringency of buffer conditions and targeted dissociation rates. Data will be evaluated and presented in a table and as a diagram and bar chart.
Use our qualitative antibody screen to obtain a rapid initial characterization as a basis for a confident selection of the most promising antibodies. If you are interested in a more detailed characterization of selected antibodies, we will be glad to perform a quantitative analysis.

Our service:

  • Coupling of your antibodies or hybridoma supernatants to a sensor chip using specific capture surfaces (available for mouse, rabbit, human and rat IgG via Fc part and Fab fragments via light chains)
  • Off-rate ranking of your antibodies by monitoring binding kinetics with your target antigen
  • Data evaluation and determination of off-rates (kdiss) presented in a table, as an overview diagram and as bar chart. The most interesting candidates will be displayed as binding curves (sensorgrams).

Please contact our application specialists to obtain more information and an individual quote tailored to your specific needs.

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