Biomolecular interaction analysis using SPR biosensors

  • Analytical services and contract research
  • Consulting and development of tailored analysis strategies
  • Kinetic validation of antibodies, biologics and biosimilars
  • Determination of active concentrations using SPR-based calibration-free methods
  • SPR based elucidation of mechanism of action to examine the driving forces of a given molecular interaction

Benefit for our customers

  • Strong expertise and knowledge in SPR technology to kinetically characterize any pair of interacting molecules in real-time
  • Sufficient capacities in Biacore instruments to perform a number of projects in parallel and to obtain results in time
  • High sensitivity for analyzing even small molecules binding to their target proteins
  • Know-how in selection and validation of antibodies based on antigen and Fc receptor binding kinetics


BIA technology is employed in various stages of the drug development process like target validation, secondary screening, hit validation and assay development. Biacore instruments are applied in functional assays, in kinetic characterisation of antibodies for diagnostic purposes as well as in quality control of recombinant proteins and in the development of biocompatible surfaces.


Our services include assay development for medium to high throughput binding assays and consulting for the development of novel sensor technologies with emphasis on biological applications.


Biaffin┬┤s products are recombinant proteins such as protein kinases and phosphatases, cytokines, kinase inhibitors, substrates, activators of signaling pathways, antibodies as well as bioluminescence-based assays for ATP quantification. If you are interested in our range of products please take a look at our distribution platform

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