Bioanalytical Services for Interaction Analysis

Biaffin - Our experties for kinetic analysis of any kind of molecular interactions using SPR Biacore biosensors

Biaffin is a leading service provider of high-quality bioanalytical services specialized in biomolecular interaction analysis using modern biosensors based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR, Biacore) enabling real-time kinetic analysis of any kind of molecular interactions. In over more than 20 years Biaffin acquired experience and expert knowledge in the application of SPR technology which is employed in various stages of the drug development process like fragment-based and confirmatory secondary screening, hit validation and lead optimization. Biaffin also offers kinetic characterization and validation of antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and functional analysis of recombinant proteins and biosimilars.

Biaffin offers a wide range of services for functional in vitro characterisation of biomolecules. Besides protein-protein and antibody-antigen interactions, which are standard applications of SPR technology, we are also able to analyze interactions of small molecule drugs, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), glycoproteins and lipid membranes.

We accurately determine binding kinetics of your samples in real-time at minimal sample consumption enabling a comprehensive kinetic description of molecular interactions. An in depth analysis of a given interaction may also include mode of action and thermodynamic parameters to investigate the driving forces (enthalpy, entropy). 


Below are some applications of SPR-technology and biochemical assays which may help you in finding a solution for your specific problem:

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