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Biaffin, a provider of bioanalytical services in biomolecular interaction analysis using SPR Biacore biosensors

New publication about dynamic interactions of the nucleosome

Impact of histone methylation on the dynamic interaction between heterochromatin proteins and the nucleosome » more

New SPR study results about inhibitory antibodies of FVIII published

Kinetics of the interaction between anti-FVIII antibodies and FVIII from therapeutic concentrates, with and without von Willebrand factor, assessed by surface plasmon resonance. (Haemophilia. 2012 May 30. doi:...» more

EU grant AffinityProteome for Biaffin


Biaffin is awarded EU funding for proteome research targeting the TGF-beta and MAP kinase signal transduction pathways Biaffin received an EU grant, which funds proteome research targeting the TGF-beta and MAP kinase signal...» more

A list of selected publications of biaffin staff can be found in the area publications.

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