Biaffin GmbH & Co KG - Biomolecular Interaction Analyses using SPR Biacore Biosensors


Do you need detailed, kinetic information about the binding characteristics of your biomolecules?

Our high quality bioanalytical services using the powerful technique of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR, Biacore) provides label-free, real time analysis of any pair of interacting molecules including small molecule drugs binding to their target proteins.

In more than 20 years Biaffin acquired expert knowledge in application of Biacore SPR technology and has proven to be a reliable partner for clients from pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry as well as from academic institutes supporting their specific research projects. 

Well equipped with a number of different SPR biosensors (5x Biacore T200) we can ensure a rapid and individual analysis of your samples following work plans tailored to your specific needs.


Your advantages of using Biaffin's Biacore SPR services:

  • Strong expertise and knowledge in SPR technology to kinetically characterize any pair of interacting molecules
  • Sufficient capacities of state-of-the-art SPR Biacore instruments (x6) to perform a number of projects in parallel and to obtain results in time
  • Know-how in selection and validation of antibodies based on antigen and Fc receptor binding kinetics
  • Determination of active concentrations using SPR-based calibration-free methods
  • High sensitivity for analyzing even small molecules binding to immobilized target proteins with special expertise for protein kinases

Biaffin's Biacore SPR services comprise


Our services include work plans for stepwise assay development with flexible strategies specifically tailored to achieve your aims.

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