LabChip® Desktop Profiler

Microfluidics based mobility shift assay for kinase activity assays


The LabChip DeskTop Profiler is best suited for its use in drug discovery process including kinase profiling, compound characterization (IC50) and determination of the inhibition mode and the generation of Structure-Activity Relationships (SARs) studies.


In the so called “off-chip mode” the reaction take place in a 384 well plate and the mixture is sipped via capillaries onto the microfluidic chip. 

By the use of vacuum pressure and by applying an electric-potential difference across the separation channel the fluorescently labeled substrate and product are seperated into two distinct peaks which are detected individually by a laser.
Since reagents are needed on nanoliter-scale only, highly reproducible and accurate data are generated with a minimum assay volume of 20 µl. 

By sequentially sipping samples onto the chip at various time intervals the lab chip technology enabled a monitoring of the reaction rates in real time.  Thus, initial velocities of substrate phosphorylation can easily be determined which are needed for accurate determination of substrate Km values and for Mechanism of Action studies (MoA) of potential drug candidates. 


Biaffin uses the the mobility shift microfluidic assay technology of the PerkinElmer`s LabChip® DeskTop Profiler  for kinase activity studies and compound screening.

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