Luminescence Assays using LUMIstar Optima

High-performance microplate luminometer for ATP determination and bioluminescence kinase assays

microplate luminometer for ATP determination and bioluminescent kinase assays

The luminometer allows sensitive reading of flash and glow luminescence for assays in end-point and kinetic mode. The reaction can be followed in real time. This highly sensitive system has a dynamic range of more than eight decades and enables flexible shaking capabilities including shaking during measurements to ensure effective mixing of all assay components. Assays will be performed in white 96 well plates.

Bioluminescence is generated by a luciferase catalyzed reaction converting luciferin to oxyluciferin in an ATP-dependent process. ATP plays an important role in cellular energetics, metabolic regulation and signal transduction processes so why there are many needs for detection of this research molecule.


Biaffin uses the luminometer for ATP quantification by the use of our ATP determination kits (sensitive and time stable assay), optimized for fast determination of low levels of pre-existing ATP or ATP formed in kinetic systems.


ATP is utilized by protein kinases for substrate phosphorylation. Thus,  ATP depletion can be measured in a coupled assay format (Kinase Glo┬«) and generated luminescence signal is inversely proportional to kinase activity. Since there is no labeling of the substrate required this assay is universally applicable for enzyme activity studies and inhibitor screenings.

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