BIACORE 2000 / 3000

Automated SPR anayses for routine applications


The Biacore 2000 / 3000 is a fully automated SPR biosensor system ideal for assay development and fast and accurate routine applications like kinetic analyses of protein-protein and antibody-antigen interactions as well as accurate concentration measurements. The microfluidic system consists of four flow cells, arranged in a serial configuration for single or multi-channel analysis. The different flow cells can be prepared by covering different concentrations of the same ligand or comparing simultaneously three different ligands interacting with one analyte whereas one channel is used as in-line control cell.

The molecular detection limit is 150 Da, determining kinetic rate constants in the range of ka(ss) 103 - 106M-1 s-1 and         kd(iss) 10-1 - 10-5 s-1. The flow rate can be chosen between 1 to 100 µl / min in steps of 1 µl for testing secondary effects like mass-transport limitations. By the use of a recovery block a collection of specifically bound material from the surface is possible.

The Biacore 2000 / 3000 instruments are best suited for analysis of antibody-antigen,protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions. Due to the high flexibility in assay design Biaffin uses two Biacore 2000 instruments.

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