Luminescent based Assays

universal method for monitoring ADP generation upon kinase reaction

We offer service on kinase activity studies using the Promega ADP Glo reagent for coupling kinase activity to luminescent reaction catalyzed by luciferase. The assay is performed in 2 steps upon completion of kinase reaction: termination of kinase reaction and depletion of remaining ATP followed by a conversion of generated ADP to ATP for use to light output by the luciferase / luciferin reaction. Since the assay procedure does no require any labeling of kinase assay components the method can be used for any kinase / substrate combination. In order to enable highest sensitivity kinase activity is measured at substrate Km. The assay will be performed in 96 well plates in endpoint mode.


Our service: 

  • determination of kinase activity
  • qualitytive screen of kinase inhibitors
  • IC50 determination of kinase inhibitors

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Biaffin provides bioluminescence ATP determination kits ideally suited for sensitive quantification of ATP in various applications such as ATP detection in biological samples or monitoring of ATP dependent enzyme assays. The timestable assay is optimized for high throughput screening with nearly constant luminescence signals over a period of up to four hours. The sensitive assay can detect even nanomolar concentrations of ATP.


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