Enzyme activity assays

The vast majority of catalyzing biological processes is performed by enzymes which provide a wide variety of functions inside living organisms. They are indispensable for metabolic processes, cellular signalling and regulation and can generate movement and active transport of molecules. Enzymatic reactions specifically convert substrate molecules into chemically modified products. These modifications include proteolytic or glycolytic degradation, chemical modifications such as phosphorylation, acylation, glycosylation or oxidative and reductive processes. Dysregulated enzyme activity can lead to disease states. As a result enzymes are considered to be attractive targets for pharmacological intervention in drug therapy.

Since the feature of the active site of an enzyme is critical to their biological activity a drug molecule need to fill the entire volume to be effective. Furthermore, catalytic activity of many enzymes is regulated by binding interactions with cofactors to allosteric binding pockets. By the use of biomolecular interaction analysis (SPR) Biaffin can provide detailed information about inhibitor recognition by target enzyme.

We provide services on enzymatic assays to assist scientists focused on kinase research:


  • kinetic evaluation of enzyme activity and inhibition
  • inhibitor screening and validation
  • IC50 determination of drug compounds
  • enzyme-inhibitor studies analyzing mode of action
  • investigations on reversibility of enzyme inhibition
  • substrate profiling analyzing selectivity of enzymes

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