• 04.1999 Successful participation at the business plan contest AT-VENTURE
  • 07.1999 Dr. Zimmermann receives a grant for setting up business by the PFAU program initiated by the State Government NRW (Programm zur Finanziellen Absicherung von Unternehmensgründern aus Hochschulen)
  • 01.2000 Foundation of Biaffin Zimmermann & Herberg GbR as spin-off from the Ruhr University Bochum
  • 05.2000 First exhibition as company at the SciCon fair for graduates 2000 in Bochum
  • 12.2000 Biaffin is one of the founding companies of the BioIndustry e.V.
  • 01.2001 Change of corporate form into Biaffin GmbH & Co KG
  • 10.2002 Biaffin purchases a Biacore X instrument
  • 11.2002 Moving to new premises with analytical laboratory in Kassel 
  • 07.2003 Biaffin aquires a Biacore 2000 instrument
  • 01.2005 - 12.2007 Biaffin participates in the EU funded project "Function of small RNAs across kingdoms (FOSRAK)"
  • 05.2005 Biaffin buys a second Biacore 2000 instrument 
  • 01.2006 - 09.2009 Biaffin participates in the EU-project "thera-cAMP" Identification of therapeutic molecules to target compartmentalised cAMP signalling networks in human disease
  • 12.2006 Biaffin's equipment pool is extended by a Biacore S51 for analyzing small molecule interactions
  • 01.2008 Biaffin aquires a LabChip DeskTop Profiler (Caliper)
  • 03.2008 Biaffin purchases a second Biacore S51 instrument
  • 11.2008 Biaffin enlarges its technolgy platform with a Lumistar Optima luminometer
  • Since 03.2009 Biaffin takes part in the "AffinityProteome" project for developing tools and technologies for high-throughput research based on affinity reagents to study the human proteome especially the proteins of the TGF-ß and MAP kinase signal transduction pathways
  • 10.2010 Biaffin purchases a Biacore T100 
  • 05.2011 Biaffin's instrument capacities are expanded with an Äkta Purifier system for protein purification and quality control
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