The Biacore X is suitable for rapid, single runs during assay development

The Biacore X is ideal for assay development or rapid, single runs.

The microfluidic system of a Biacore X instrument consists of two flow cells arranged in serial direction with a volume of 0.06 µl per flow cell (one flow cell can be used for reference subtraction of unspecific binding).

Samples are loaded manually with automated injection into the microfluidic flow system. The flow rate can be varied from 1 to 100 µl/min, and analysis temperatures from 4 to 40 oC are feasible. The molecular detection limit is > 400 Da with a detection performance of 10 pM.

Surface bound samples can be eluted and recovered for complementary analysis, and as the flow cell in a Biacore X has the largest dimensions of all Biacore instruments, the binding and subsequent identification of unknown interaction partners via peptide mass fingerprinting (BIA-MS) is one of the most interesting applications of the Biacore X system. However, since the instrument lacks fully automated sample pipetting capabilities and contains two flow cells only, Biaffin uses the Biacore X mainly for demonstration and educational purposes. 

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