Kinetics in drug development

The Biacore S51 instrument addresses major analytical problems of the pharmaceutical industry and is specifically designed to rapidly and efficiently address key steps in the 'hit'-to-lead selection in the drug discovery process.
The main advantages compared to Biacore 2000 and 3000 are higher throughput, enhanced data quality and reduced sample usage. The microfluidic system of Biacore S51 has been completely redesigned. By hydrodynamic addressing two target molecules can be individually analyzed next to a reference spot on a single flow cell. Since the detection spots of one flow cells can simultaneously be addressed, there is no lag time while reference subtraction, making this system ideal for the resolution of fast kinetics (upper limit is 107M-1s-1 for kass and 10-1 s-1 for kdiss).

The Biacore S51
Biacore S51

The Biacore S51 is designed for comprehensive kinetic characterization of interactions involving small molecules (> 100 Da), providing useful information on the level of hit selection, lead optimization and ADME studies. The integrated solvent correction procedure guarantees highest sensitivity even for measurements with Rmax of about 5 RU. The information provided by the instrument are KD, kass, kdiss, R50 as well as a rapid affinity ranking (binding vs. stability) of HTS hits, enabling a positive selection for in-depth kinetic and functional analysis.


The Biacore S51 is the best choice for screening and analyzing small molecules – Biaffin uses two S51 devices.

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