Enzyme & Protein Activity Assays

follow up kinase reaction and kinase inhibition in real time

Biaffin provides in vitro kinase assays using the microfluidic mobility-shift system of PerkinElmer. The method utilizes the shift in the electrophoretic mobility of a peptide substrate upon an enzymatic conversion. Thus, due to a change in charge the fluorescently labeled substrate and product are separately detected by a laser.  Since substrate phosphorylation can be monitored in real time a detailed kinetic characterization of enzyme activity is possible.


The assays will be performed on a LabChip® Desktop Profiler in „off-chip“ mode (384 well format).

Titration of PKA Calpha

Benefit from our experience and obtain accurate results even for enzymes with low specific activity at any ATP concentration. 


Our service:  

  • design of inhibitor screening studys
    • qualitative screen of our compound libary (60 kinase inhibitors) or of small molecules supplied by the customer
    • IC50 determination of kinase inhibitors
    • characterization of the inhibition mode (ATP competitive, substrate competitive, Ki determination, compound binding reversibility test)

  • evaluation of substrate specificty

    • selection of a suitable substrate for kinase reaction


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