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    Please visit our online shop and select the products you are interested in! PROTEINKINASE.DE is the online distribution platform of Biaffin GmbH & Co KG supplying recombinant proteins, reagents and tools for research on protein phosphorylation and signal transduction. Our portfolio comprises the following products for kinase research and exploring cellular signaling pathways:
protein kinases

> 100 recombinant, active protein kinases and phosphatases available (e.g. PKA, PKB, PKC, EGFR, SRC, CK2, ERK1, MEK1)

kinase substrates

Various protein and peptide substrates (e.g. Kemptide, CDK2 substrate, FL-PKC substrate)

kinase inhibitors

> 100 different kinase and phosphatase inhibitors available (e.g. SB203580, Gefitinib, Staurosporine, H-89, PD98059) - Your favorite supplier of reagents for kinase research






kinase activators

Several activators of signal transduction pathways (e.g. Forskolin, AICAr, 8-Br-cAMP)

bioluminescent assays

Bioluminescence assays for ATP/ADP quantification (timestable and sensitive Assay)


Antibodies against kinases or phosphorylated substrates (e.g. anti-ERK1/2, anti-CK2, anti-CDK4)


Biomarkers: Recombinant protein collection includes those that are commonly used in diagnostic and therapeutic applications, such as EGFR, HER2, VEGFR and HGFR


Cytokines and growth factors including ActiveMax® Cytokines with high bioactivity. ActiveMax® Cytokines e.g. FLT3, G-CSF, TGF beta and VEGF are HEK293 cells-expressed containing authentic post-translational modifications.


Cluster of differentiation (CD) antigens: Recombinant membrane proteins commonly used as markers for specific cell types such as CD4, CD19, CD20 and CD146.

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